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Self-wash services are priced at $17 (includes blueberry facial!) for any of the Stainless Steel tubs and $25 for use of the Big Dog tub. Each wash begins with dog and owner having their private space not shared with any other dog owner. Each space will have three shampoos and one conditioner applied through a unique bathing system (Davis ProPet Washer) so the owner never has to stop washing to pick up bottles of shampoo or conditioner. In addition each wash area has towels for absorption of excess water on the dog as well as preliminary drying, a professional dog grooming dryer, brushes, cotton balls and ear wash (not inner ear cleaner). Dogs may be securely tethered both in the tub as well as on the drying counter. Dryers come with flex hoses which may be used either left or right handed based on customer preference. In addition hoses are long enough to dry the dog in the tub if desired eliminating the need to move them to the counter if the owner feels this is in the best interest of their dog.

While we believe that with each use of the dog wash the time needed to wash your dog will be at a minimum (between 15 and 30 minutes depending on dog size and type fur). However, no one is rushed to finish and there is no set time for use of your space. The Barking Lot does not provide hair clippers, nail clippers to any customer wishing to groom their dog and customers are prohibited from grooming their pet while in the tub area. A customer may bring their own nail clippers but no haircutting of any kind is allowed in the self-wash area. The Barking Lot does not provide any medicated shampoos. Owners whose dogs have the need for medicated shampoo should bring their own shampoo. While there are no fleas in the desert, it is possible for dogs that travel to pick up fleas along the way. The Barking Lot will provide flea and tick shampoo to be used by the owner with the understanding that the owner is wholly responsible for the use of the shampoo and any possible negative outcome to the dog such as eye irritation, skin irritation and so forth.


For many reasons a time may come when it will be necessary for us to wash and fluff dry your dog while you attend to other matters. Too often injuries or kneeling over a tub may be too difficult, too many tasks to get done in a short period of time, or maybe you would just like a day where both your dog and you are pampered by us providing a wash service. If you would like for us to wash and dry your dog the cost in addition to the self-service wash cost will start at $10 up to $40 depending on the size and weight of the dog and the estimated time to wash and dry the dog. Additional costs may be required for special requirements or requests adding time beyond a wash and dry.


  • Nails clipped and buffed $10
  • Inner ear hair removed and ears cleaned $5
  • Anal Glands expressed $5
  • Blueberry Facial $6
Complete package of a la carte doggie services: $19 (no substitutions)

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