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Dog grooming is NOT cut and go. Dog grooming is NOT using only electric clippers and a brush in a rush. Grooming as many dogs in a day as possible means a happy dog owner and a great looking dog are not the top priority.

Groomers only have so many hours in a day to attend to dogs and while we would like to think all dogs are the same, unfortunately this is not the case. Before you leave your dog with us to be groomed, the groomer will review with the owner exactly what needs to be done, any coat and skin conditions that need to be addressed and the cost of the styling.

Any price quoted automatically includes at no extra cost ear hair removal, nail clipping an buffing, anal glands expressed (as needed) and a blueberry facial for the dog (not the owner). There is no reduced charge if any or all of these extra services are not utilized by owner request.

Our groomers will take the time, in addition to electric clippers if necessary, to scissor cut and fine tune the haircut to provide each dog with a cut that is made for their size and look based on their individual qualities.

*NOTE: Should a dog become unruly, make a groomer feel uncomfortable, or require additional assistance resulting in longer handle time, the owner will be contacted immediately to be advised of the situation. Additional costs may apply for dogs refusing appropriate handling and care. The owner will be given the option to go forward with the service or to return to the store to pick up their dog. Under no circumstance will a dog be groomed should the dog bite any person or another dog while in the care of The Barking Lot. The dog will be placed in a cage for its own safety and the owner will be notified immediately of the situation and requested to pick up their dog as soon as possible for the safety within the store.

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